You’ll Never Believe What I Did Today Part 2

So, you may have thought that my strange obsession with the lead singer of a Scream-o band would have stopped a day or two in.

I certainly did.

But here I am, writing another post, because instead of accepting my attraction and moving on with my life, I’ve taken it to a whole other level…

After a good 48 hours spent watching Pierce the Veil (his band) interviews, music videos, live performances, and montages, any normal person would have had enough. Especially after they realized they were nodding along with his answers in those interviews and saying things like, “oh my god. He enjoys running? We could totally go on runs together.” Or “Shit, that Jaime guy is pretty funny. I’d definitely get along with his friends. This is perfect.”

Yeah, any normal person would have stopped themselves at that point, but alas, I am no such normal person.

Instead, I took to the internet to find even more Vic Fuentes.

I started on the bands site. Relatively normal. That’s how I discovered that they’re playing in San Francisco in my birthday month. Just in case you’re wondering, yes, I have clicked open the site and hovered over the “buy tickets” button multiple times in one day. Yes, I did just do it again.

But, thinking about buying tickets is pretty low key. Nothing to be too embarrassed by.

But, ah! It gets worse.

I then took to tumblr and typed in Pierce the Veil into the search bar. I was taken to a page all about the band which included some fan posts. And I started reading. Now here’s where I realized that things had gotten kind of weird. And by things, I mean me.

This is what happened.

I’m reading a post written by a fan and they’re describing a time they went to a Pierce the Veil show and were accused of not being a true fan. The post went something like this, “I was at a PTV (Pierce the Veil) show and someone told me that I wasn’t a ‘real’ fan. They asked me to name any song besides King for a Day.”

And as I’m reading I’m like, oh, valid question (because yes, I do know how popular the song is and I have watched the behind the scenes making of the music video…)

The post continues, “So I name every song from A Flair for the Dramatic and stopping at Collide With the Sky.”

And I’m like, oh, yes!!! You showed her! You’re a TRUE fan.

Like, we have something in common because i’m the “truest” fan… Ridiculous.

So I keep reading and post continues on to say, “And then this bitch still thinks I’m not a fan and asks me to name one member besides Kellin Quinn.”

Oh, no she didn’t!!!!! 

For those of you who don’t know, Kellin Quinn is DEFINITELY part of Sleeping with Sirens and NOT Pierce the Veil. He just happens to be homies with Vic and that’s why they made the song together, DUH! This is basic shit. So I’m like legitimately pissed off. Fuming. Mad.

That’s kind of when I realize that I’ve gone a little too far off the deep end this time. I realize that my reaction to someone getting a band member mixed up may or may not have been a bit too strong for someone who really doesn’t know two shits about the band or this genre of music.

Maybe I should stop all of this…

But then I’m like Welp, I give zero shits at this point. I’m already having secretly listening sessions in my room (we’re more of a top 40 household in general) I might as well find his instagram. Now, in my mind I’m thinking that I’ll just find it. Not add him or anything. Just see some candid shots and selfies.

Yeah… like I have that kind of self-control. Once I see those selfies it’s over. I mean, you’re not NOT gonna get Randy Jackson’s signature and I’m not NOT gonna follow Vic Fuentes on instagram. Biggest joke I’ve ever heard.

So, yeah. I now follow this kid on instagram and yes, I do wake up hopeful to see a new picture as I check my feed in the morning. Totally healthy.

Not to mention the fact that I may or may not have Google’d to see whether he had a girlfriend or not.

I think I need an intervention?


You’ll Never Believe What I Did Today

Let’s talk about what I did today.

The morning started out just like many others. I got to work and then published today’s job seeker blog post all about what students can do to make the most of their LinkedIn profiles. Really useful stuff.

Then, afterwards, I went about my business and started promoting the content on our social media platforms. Yes, that is a part of my job—composing witty tweets, creating fancy images to cajole our Facebook followers into clicking our links, and finding the perfect gif to both entertain the eyes as well as intrigue the mind.

And that is where things took a turn for the weird.

There I was, minding my own business on Tumblr, scrolling through gifs of Lake Bell junk punching Jason Sudeikis (once again, yes, this is my job) and that’s when I saw it. Or should I say “him”?

A lonely gif of a boy with long hair, a baseball cap, flannel t-shirt, and dare I say it… a nose ring. And I was, like, oh my god. I think I’m into this.

And then I was, like, No. I’m TOTALLY into this…

So, then I clicked. I clicked and was taken to this wonderland of images of this guy who not only reminds me of Atreyu from The Neverending Story but also has these eyebrows that, like, remind me of chocolate covered caterpillars (which for some reason I’m also into)… I told you things got weird.

So, at that point, I was like, I need to do some research. ‘Cause there’s no way I’m not going to find out who this guy is.

So, I hit up Google. Here’s what I discovered:

His name is Vic Fuentes and he’s the lead singer of a scream-o band called Pierce the Veil. Let me say that again: Scream-o. Band.

You know, the kind of band that often sounds like a dying-cat-in-heat. The kind of band that I listened to when I was a super angry teenager dealing with the fact my mom wanted me to stay home and clean when I wanted to be out at the movies with friends.

That kind of band.

And this guy is the lead singer.


But I was still totally into it… So I was, like, shit. Well, now what am I supposed to do? But I totally knew what I was going to do.

Sure enough, I snuck onto Spotify and typed those three words into the search bar. “Pierce the Veil”.

The next thing I knew I was listening to the whole album and not even thinking about the fact that my Spotify profile is public and I’ve spent the last three years listening to bands like Alt-J, Badly Drawn Boy, and Jose Vanders…

So, surprise, surprise Spotify followers. If you were thinking of clicking on my recently played list for some musical suggestions, you’re in for a real treat. The last seventeen songs I’ve listened to may or may not sound like a dying demon.

Which apparently (if you haven’t read the last half of the post, I’m into…)

Now, I really wish I could say that I stopped there. Like, I really wish I could.

Unfortunately, that would make me a liar.

Instead, I spent the entirety of my lunch break watching YouTube videos of this guy—compilations of interviews, live performances, and (best of all) those super creepy fan-made videos that consist of images of him moving across the screen in slow motion as his songs play in the background.

And I enjoyed every minute of it.

So, yeah. That’s what I did today.

An Open Letter to @Lyft and @Uber from Twentysomethings in Cities

Dear surge-priced car services (so conveniently app’d on my phone),

Do you really think that this is fair? Okay, don’t answer that. You can’t possibly think that’s it’s fair, but you really don’t care, do you?

I didn’t mean for that to rhyme. Fuck.

But, like, seriously, what is your deal? I hope you realize who you’re hurting here: The downtrodden, the weak, the ones who need you the most. Yes, I’m talking about us twentysomethings trying to find ourselves in the scummiest parts of every city; we like to think of them as “urban chic”.

You see, we have to go out to those clubs tucked away in the furthest alleyway of North Beach. The ones that smell just little bit like piss and are downright frightening to enter in the daylight (when you return to retrieve the card you left open at the bar). Those are the places we’re drawn to, where we find insights into our souls, meet the people we’ll spend the rest of our lives with (or at least the rest of our night).

You can’t honestly expect us to find ourselves in quaint pubs that serve actual cocktails rather than well whiskey in a mason jar. No, no. We could never discover the meaning of our lives in places like that.

So, why can’t you just give us a break?

We chose you long ago as our white knights, our saviors, our heroes who will whisk us away from the trash-filled gutters we would otherwise find ourselves in. Cabs have betrayed our trust, taken our money and advantage of our not-so-sober eyes, crusted with slipping makeup. And we have ousted them! You are who we trust to drag us home at three in the morning, desperately searching for all of our cards and keys (not to mention the piece of dignity we lost somewhere between “wanna get out of here?” and “yes”).

So WHY do you wish to hurt us so badly? And why have you made it so easy?

Because you know us well enough at this point to understand that we will always take the easy way out. Delivery instead of take-out. Netflix binge-watching instead of cable television. We even have a way to eat yogurt faster. GO-gurt because we can’t stand sticking a spoon into that cow juice and bringing it up to our mouths. WAY too much effort there.

So, duh. We are more than happy to (especially after a whiskey sour … Okay, five) click that little button rather than try to hail a cab. After all we are in a scary but “cool” part of town. I mean, isn’t the Tenderloin sooooooo fun? Until you realize it’s a crack pipe you’re standing next to and not an innocent little spliff.

But now this increased rate. Surge pricing? Blasphemy I tell you. Whew! It’s like you forget that we are already spending our rent money at the bar. I mean, HELLO! You must know that we can’t afford to pay both the bartender AND you (Lyft and Uber) at +200% the normal price.

Don’t you?

Oh, you don’t?

Well, now you do.

And if you still don’t, we all know Sidecard does… sick burn! But really, I’m sure you’ll make the right choice and lower your prices accordingly and saving us from nights standing in skirts that were not the right choice for this fog-beloved city.

Appreciate it,

Kellen R.